Problems Producing Your Design in Asia?

CRE8 DESIGN can help with accelerated Product Development.

Why Partner with Us:
  • European management with 20 plus years experience in Asia
  • Specialized in understanding East and West
  • Experienced in working with international clients
Our Designs are Manufacturable:
  • Proficient in designing within budget
  • Experienced in design for manufacturing (OEM&ODM)
  • In-depth understanding of manufacturing techniques in Asia
Consistent Design Quality:
  • Direct communication with manufacturers
  • We perform on-site quality control
  • We challenge manufacturers within their limitation
Accelerated Product Development:
  • In-house engineering team
  • Close to your production location
  • We offer cost effective production control
Our Engineering Advantages:
  • Experts in manufacturing in Asia
  • Same time zone as your manufacturer
  • Experienced in low volume sourcing and production

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