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Built for Every Home

Due to environmental changes, people nowadays value air quality more and more. This high-performance air purifier aims to create a healthier living space, especially for users with allergies; it not only removes harmful particles with a 4-in-1 HEPA 13 filter, but also brings beauty and convenience to your home.

sketch + prototype

X-Shaped Structure

The X-shaped quadrisected frame provides robust support for the whole structure and visually reduces its weight; the dark theme exterior is accentuated by a touch of metallic orange.


The 4-directional ventilation fins are designed for easy assembly and dynamically symbolize air circulation, while the circular ribs in between can prevent accidental finger injury.

top view

A Friendlier Experience

The floating central touch panel has an intuitive user interface with a subtle backlight indicator to show real-time air quality. A magnetic air-intake filter cover with a leather tab enables a simple opening solution which makes maintenance easy. The bottom wheels offer great mobility for users to conveniently move the purifier around.