Acromass Mass Spectrometer

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The Smallest Yet the Most Powerful

With almost 40 years of experiences in the semiconductor and wafer reclamation industries, Acromass possesses key abilities in making extremely high-technology devices, and mass spectrometer is their newly focused product category in recent years.

CRE8 took the challenging mission to build the smallest mass spectrometer in the world, which required both our industrial design and mechanical engineering teams to work seamlessly to make it happen.

Differentiated from existing products in the market which can only analyze small molecules, this mass spectrometer is capable of analyzing both macromolecules (e.g. large proteins) and small molecules, enabling a more versatile usage in various fields: medical, pharmaceutical, and food security.

Combined with knowledge and techniques in physics, chemistry, electronics, material science and engineering, biotechnology, as well as hydrodynamics, the equipment is designed for hospitals and research centers, demanding extreme precision, accuracy, and a clean, professional, and trustworthy look.

The detector and interface are designed to be user-friendly for operation; the form factor is firm, yet is the smallest in the world; the shape takes into consideration its airflow; while the colors and materials selected infuse the product with a more powerful character.

CRE8’s engineers, together with Acromass, worked on the placement of PC boards, components, and wiring, to simplify the complication and make everything fit in the very limited inner space. The assembly process was also made more efficient.

After multiple times of simulation, the best airflow solution was devised to overcome the thermal problems; in order to stabilize the laser modules from being affected by the vacuum bump’s vibration, a very firm base with weight balance was created.