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CRE8 Takes Home 6 iF Design Awards This Year

CRE8 Takes Home 6 iF Design Awards This Year

As an innovation power house with headquarters in Taipei and a fast-growing office in Shenzhen, CRE8 excelled itself once again by winning 6 more iF Design Awards this year, demonstrating consistent and exceptional design quality through innovative solutions.

The competition was intense: over 6,400 entries were submitted from 50 countries in hopes of receiving the accolades. The 6 awarded products designed by CRE8 are:


Da Vinci Color Mini 3D Printer

Clean, direct, systematic, and interlocking, the design embodies professionalism and provides great accessibility. The recessed bottom together with the stands create a visually floating lightness while enabling great portability; the sloped display area is designed for intuitive operation.

Fnatic miniSTREAK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Measuring merely 28mm at its thinnest point, miniSTREAK is one of the world’s thinnest mechanical keyboards in minimalist beauty. The travel-friendly tenkeyless form takes out unnecessary distractions for pro gamers; the detachable wrist rest with 3 adjustable levels offers excellent ergonomics and stability.


To accommodate a dual system, GEMINI X allows two full computers to be built within a single case. Inspired by a catamaran, the two chambers can be linked together or stand independently while working both vertically and horizontally to suit your space and to show off your RGB displays.

Delux T6 Left Handed Gaming Keypad

Featuring a revolutionary structure: a foldable and detachable palm rest mechanism enabled by magnets, which makes travel and storage convenient, the keypad is designed with G keys positioned for easy control by your thumb as well as for fast and accurate reaction during gameplay.

Delux M627 Gaming Mouse

Targeting FPS gaming enthusiasts, M627 centers around the theme: fluidity, allowing the button-plate to float over the body and create a hollow shape in between; the enlarged keys, as well as the interchangeable magnetic thumb grips in different sizes, provide enhanced ergonomics for ambidextrous users.

Delux M628 Gaming Mouse

The design incorporates a visually and structurally lightweight body without compromising the ergonomics. A cutting-edge hollow tail allows for an indirect lighting effect to protect eyes from harmful impacts of strong RGB lighting. The bottom frame provides a sturdy base and a magnetic weight adjustment mechanism.