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Promise Technology
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Promise Technology is an innovative storage solution provider for data centers, surveillance, cloud, and interactive media markets. Apart from professional services for B2B clients, Promise also wanted to expand storage possibilities for consumers. CRE8 was invited to design the new generation of its powerful personal cloud storage device – Apollo Cloud 2 Duo – providing access to saved content anywhere through a pairing App.

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People tend to feel intimidated by the look of a NAS device which is usually hard and cold with complicated settings. The main task for designers was to take away the stereotypical machinery visual elements and make the product more inviting and approachable from its appearance, while thinking the operational process through to incorporate a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

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The advanced technology is hidden behind the device’s streamlined shape and glossy white color with a modern and sleek touch; the compact size allows the product to easily fit in office or home environment; the LED ring indicates activities and alerts through different colors.

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The vertical structure takes advantage of natural air convection to enhance heat dissipation, while the upper lid allows for quick access to the components which helps with future upgrading and maintenance.

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