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MOOY solves everyday problems generated by the hyper-connected, on-the-go urban lifestyle.

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Our client, a startup company, wanted to build a young and dynamic brand for the millennium generation and help them solve everyday problems generated by the hyper-connected, on-the-go urban lifestyle. From naming, logo design, the new product lines, to purchasing and unboxing experiences, every step should be thoroughly considered and designed to portray the brand core values – fun, bright, and smart.

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As the millennium generation tends to have shorter attention spans, we need the brand images, product design, as well as the display to be as chic, bold, and eye-catching as possible to make them fall in love with MOOY at first sight. The millennium generation also shows more interest in products that define who they are, so the marketing strategy and collaterals should address more of the attitude and characters which MOOY products stand for.

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To accurately deliver the brand message, we came up with the word “MOOI”, which in Dutch means beautiful. To make the name even more hip and memorable, a moniker that ends with the letter “Y” was chosen. The brand’s name – MOOY – was thus born.

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The video says it all!


The first product developed and launched was SNAPPY – an ultraportable cable butler that protects headsets from damage. Want to know how handy it is?


When it comes to Millennials, there are no better ways to connect with them than mobile devices. While fixed desktops exist less and less in this generation’s user scenarios, we focus on creating a more friendly, intuitive cross-device experience when designing the user interface.

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To immediately attract attention from the millennials and make MOOY products stand out on the shelf, our designers use a combination of contrasting colors with transparent blister cover to compliment and emphasize the product features, allowing direct communication with potential customers within the shortest timeframe.

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