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As a world leader in LED technology, 3M wanted to create a next generation LED desk lamp that portrayed functionality in a more modern tone. The company invited CRE8’s industrial design and mechanical engineering teams to join the product development, hoping to find equilibrium between design aesthetics and a smooth manufacturing process.

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In order to follow the product design strategy in a simple, linear, and malleable manner, the engineers needed to subtly hide the inner structure without interfering with its clean and streamlined look, while having to provide sturdy support for holding the upper “leaf” part. Every element had to comply with an easy assembly process and cost-effective approach for mass production.

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Covered by eco-friendly rubber, the gooseneck connecting the head and the base was carefully thought through and selected for better flexibility and stability. The diameter of the gooseneck was well calculated after multiple rounds of testing as the heavy LED module had to be bolstered firmly.

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To avoid different materials disconnecting from each other, the product structure and assembly were reinforced; CRE8’s engineers also made sure that the lamp could be placed nicely on surfaces of various inclinations with the help of a counterweight that enhanced support.

The engineering team researched and found unconventional methods to get the product ready for production, helping our client turn abstract concept into reality in the most feasible way yet keeping a superior quality.

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