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Optimized Efficiency:
Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Innovative Design Solution

Streamlined for easy installation and maintenance, EchoSense Ultrasonic Flowmeter features a hassle-free clamp-on design and a non-invasive measuring solution, eliminating the need to cut pipes or insert probes. This enables minimized pipe losses for energy efficiency; and offers compatibility with a wide range of pipe specifications across various industries.


Enhanced Structure and Usability

The distinctive “X” shape reinforces structural integrity, while a tool-free knob adjustment mechanism improves detection accuracy by bringing the sensor closer to the pipeline. Built with chemical resistant materials and enhanced ergonomics, the product is safe to use and easy to grip.


Less Environmental Impact

EchoSense Ultrasonic Flowmeter’s unique and simple installation method promotes widespread usage of flowmeters. This not only ensures water conservation but also effectively monitors wastewater discharge. The modular design prolongs product lifespan and optimizes the tooling process for reduced waste.