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CRE8 DESIGN Takes Home Four More iF Design Awards

CRE8 DESIGN Takes Home Four More iF Design Awards

As a design power house providing total solutions, CRE8 DESIGN excels itself by winning four more iF Design Awards, showing outstanding ability in a wide variety of design disciplines and categories from the medical industry, gaming industry, to lifestyle gadgets.

Over 5300 entries were assessed by 60 renowned jurors this year, and CRE8’s awarded works that stood out from the fierce competition are: MOOY Snappy Cable Butler, SHL Packaging System, G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory, and G.SKILL Ripjaws KM780 Gaming Keyboard.

Celebrating a total of 19 iF wins since its establishment, CRE8’s Founder and Executive Director
Kris Verstockt was thrilled with excitement, “We feel honored to be able to work with these clients of great vision, and will continue creating more human-centered, innovative design solutions.”


MOOY Snappy Cable Butler

The ultraportable Snappy protects the headsets from damage while offering space to neatly manage cables. A rubberized metal spring plate can responsively roll up cables and transform the device into a handy bundled solution. To unroll, simply open the metal spring plate and you can access to your headsets.

SHL Packaging System

Stripping away stereotypical visual elements of a “clinical” feeling, this auto injector package system incorporates a human-centered design approach. A friendly thumb press opening solution was invented for patients of muscle illness. The system shows versatility in sizes and package units, as well as interchangeable paper/blister inner structures.

G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory

Designed to embody its powerful performance, the extruded aluminum is treated with half polished and half matte finish. Cut by CNC techniques, the shape not only corresponds to its name: “Trident”, but also facilitates excellent heat dissipation, while the enhanced inner structure allows for a screw-free assembly.

G.SKILL Ripjaws KM780 Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is built on a bent aluminum structure with premium anodized finish for a mechanical feeling. The aluminum tubes surround the keyboard as bumpers, while a mobile mouse cable holder is attached to the bumper for clever cable management. To trigger more fun for gamers, the volume is indicated by an equalizer panel.