XYZprinting da Vinci Color mini

Service : Business

World's First Full-Color FFF Inkjet Mini 3D Printer

Specializing in bringing innovative 3D printing solutions to users with diverse needs, XYZprinting is one of the industry leaders that provides high quality yet affordable 3D printers. After developing the world’s first FFF full color 3D printer - the da Vinci Color - in 2017, XYZprinting planned to make a compact and equally capable version - the da Vinci Color mini.

When CRE8 started the design work, we wanted to come up with a design language that fully translates the brand identity and can be easily applied to the whole product line. The design attributes - clean, direct, systematic, and interlocking - not only embody a sense of professionalism, but also provide great accessibility for users.

Designed to conveniently fit in various scenarios, the mini version has a smaller form factor yet with enhanced durability; seemingly lifted, the recessed bottom area together with the stands create a visually floating lightness while enabling great portability; the display area is designed with a slope inclined towards the users for intuitive operation.

Aiming to build a coherent brand experience and product identity, the CRE8 team not only defines the look of the product, but also improves user-friendliness through smart details, which can be carried on to the future generations. Before officially launched to the market, da Vinci Color mini already caused a sensation and received a significant amount of pre-orders on Indiegogo.