Trend Observer: COMPUTEX 2016 Afterthoughts


As one of the leading computer and technology trade shows, COMPUTEX is where companies launch the latest and most innovative products. This year, due to the emergence of VR and IoT, the show was tuned to a slightly different direction.

In the Nangang Exhibition Center, we saw more gaming hardware companies than ever. While competition brings innovation, it is also fatal to some startups that lack a consistent design language, of which CRE8 thinks highly, but did not see much at the show this year. We were particularly happy for our clients: ASUS, COUGAR, and G.SKILL for growing better and better.

In Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3, there was a special section - InnoVEX - gathering all the startups that dedicated their efforts to developing innovative solutions to IoT and smart living, meaning a lot of the innovations were apps, software, or cloud services based.

And like any other shows this year, VR was still a mainstream at COMPUTEX. With huge crowd queuing up, the biggest and most exciting booth undoubtedly belonged to HTC Vive, offering the craziest VR experiences from a roller coaster ride to a flying simulation that took you all the way through the sky of Manhattan.