CRE8 Talks: Elder Care Asia and Geriatric Care Asia


Last month we had the opportunity to visit the joint trade fair of Elder Care Asia and Geriatric Care Asia in Kaohsiung, to acquire knowledge of the latest technology and product invention for the aging population and people who need special care.

During one seminar held by Dr. Hiroyuki Takao, we were able to learn from the similar challenges Japan is facing right now and see the possibilities to create a friendlier environment for the aging population. In Japan, 1/3 of the government budget is dedicated to helping elderly people have better life quality. A variety of cross-platform APPs were developed in response to this phenomenon.

For example, “MySOS” is a cloud-based APP that can be used as self-help emergency kit; “Join” is a communication APP for medical professionals to share critical information and provide better diagnosis; “Kaigo” was created for home care workers to improve local inclusive care systems.

Apart from the seminar, there were also quite a few innovative products that caught our attention on the show floor. With an emphasis on enhancing elderly people’s healthcare quality, especially when a lot of them have to live alone, the trade fair exhibited some interesting mobility aids and exercise equipment. But we also noticed that many products which were developed by academic institutions or R&D departments of big international companies still need improvement in terms of comfort and safety to work properly. This is where designers can weigh in to help and provide feasible solutions for product development.