CRE8 Talks: Imec Technology Forum


Earlier this month I was invited to attend the Imec Technology Forum in Taipei. As one of the world’s leading R&D centers in nanotechnology, Imec, together with professionals in the medical world, technology and electronics industries, talked about how the medical environment could be improved.

One crucial point is that the industry could be smarter. Now the medical technology is lagging behind technologies in other fields. If you look at the operating theater for instance, all the equipment is bulky and wired, so we need to find opportunities in scaling down the machines and in adding wireless technology.

In our last CRE8 Insights we shared our thoughts on wearables and the Internet of Things. Hospitals should incorporate the same trends to create a smarter and better ecosystem for patients. For example, now a nurse is only able to check patients every one or two hours, but with the aid of the latest wearable technology, patients’ health condition can be tracked every second.

Initially, this could be difficult to be implemented on all hospital floors, but we may start at least from the operating theaters and ICUs, where patients are usually covered with tubes. If wearables can work seemingly invisible in the background and make patients unaware of the data collection and analysis, then we will establish a friendlier environment for the staff, the sick, and their families.

Since the information and communications technology industry is sharply declining in Taiwan, the growth of medical technology and healthcare industry creates different possibilities economy-wise. The ICT Industry pipeline is exactly what the medical industry needs and as a design house, we are thrilled about this trend because new challenges often lead to great design innovation.